The Business Big Picture Game



Download the PLAY NOW INSTRUCTIONS to start playing immediately, or download the RULES AND CONCEPTS for a deeper dive into the gameplay.

Also, watch pre-recorded games with commentary from Cristian Mitreanu in the section SESSIONS.


You are the CEO.

Hired to run a company, you will oversee its expansion, restructuring, and orderly closing.

You will enter and exit multiple markets, introducing and retiring several products. With the overarching goal of making the most of your initial resources, you will make the sum greater than its parts.

But you are not alone.

Your performance will be compared to that of your opponent, a fellow CEO, who is engaged in a similar quest. Same goal, same resources, different company.

In direct competition with some of the products in some of the markets, you will both strive to generate as much cash as possible, which is the only measure of success that counts in the end.

The CEO with the most cash on the table wins.

Think Big, and Good luck!